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FAQ#043 - Can OMNIAlog acquire 8 or 16 instruments, without any multiplexer boards?

OMNIAlog is nominally a datalogger with 8 differential channels.

For every one of the 8 differential channels it is possible to connect up to:

  • N.2   2-wires 4-20mA (current loop)*
  • N.2   3 or 4-wires 4-20mA*
  • N.2   potentiometers with a 3-wires Volt output*
  • N.2   4-wires Volt-output instruments*
  • N.1   6-wires biaxial servo-inclinometer
  • N.1   5-wires uni-axial servo-inclinometer
  • N.1.  6-wires electrical load cell (Wheatstone bridge)
  • N.1   4-wires platinum resistance PT-100
  • N.1   NTC Thermistor
  • N.1   vibrating wire
  • N.1   vibrating wire + NTC Thermistor

* channels with power supply shared on the same channel