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FAQ#078 - Is it possible to send SMS in case of alarms with OMNIAlog?

Yes, if OMNIAlog is equipped with a 2G (GSM/GPRS) modem, connected through a serial cable to its RS232 port.

OMNIAlog allows to set up alarm thresholds and the notification of these alarms could occur:

- by SMS;

- by email;

- by FTP;

- increasing the acquisition frequency;

- managing a digital output (for example to manage a siren)

In order to correctly use the first three notification modes, it is necessary to consider a suitable interface of communication:

- with a 2G modem on RS232 it is possible to send SMS, email and on FTP;

- with a HSPA router on LAN it is possible to send email and on FTP (but not SMS).