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WMS Web Monitoring System

Códigos de referencia de los productos: WMS

FIELD has developed a dedicated service for data/measurement management from automatic and manual monitoring systems called WMS (Web Monitoring System).

The electric signals of the instruments are captured by Data Acquisition Units, sent to a Server and, later, imported to a dedicated Database, where they are divided by project, instruments and measurements. Data are later converted into engineering units, validated, processed and represented in graphic and table format.

Main characteristics:

  • display and automated conversion of raw data;
  • manual and automatic data validation;
  • total integration with dynamic, topographic and hydrometeorological systems;
  • configuration of advanced alarms on SMS/e-mail/sirens;
  • display of synoptic tables with interactive status alarms of the instruments;
  • dynamic zoom;
  • user-defined customisation of graphs;
  • settings for various access levels and privileges.

For further information, visit the dedicated web page on the Field Srl web site: