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Milano, Forlanini Stop Bypass – Monitoring of Northern and Southern Underpass - Italy

Metro Forlanini Scarl

| Pays: Italy | Localisation: Milano | Début: 2014 | Fin: 2015

  • The realization of the railway station Forlanini FS is connected to the realization of the M4 Metro of Milan (line 4). Forlanini FS station, which has been opened in May 2015, allows to connect the system of the suburban railway lines (S5, S6 and S9) to Linate airport, thanks to line M4.
    During the rails translation and the realization of the platforms and access staircases, railways have been monitored with the Railway Deformation System.
    Biaxial clinometers controlled the rotations of a retaining walls. Data have been registered with a datalogger able to alert in case of thresholds overcoming and managed with a WEB service for data visualization.