Landslide monitoring instrumentation

Landslides are monitored following different parameters like landslide type, layers type, displacement speed, etc... The most utilized geotechnical instruments for this purpose are the inclinometer casings (or inclinometer tubes) able to control horizontal movement into the ground. Inclinometer casing can be read with portable inclinometer system or with IPI / BH Profile probes (automatic Inclinometer probes); In-Place Inclinometers and BH Profile inclinometers, if connected to a datalogger with a data transmission interface, can work as an alerting system. Many other geological instruments are available for slope monitoring purposes, such as piezometers, crackmeters, wire extensometers, MPBX MultiPoint Borehole extensometers, anchor load cells, tiltmeters, etc...



Articolo pubblicato sul numero di Ottobre 2014 di "Le Strade"
Domenica, 23 Novembre 2014