Hydraulic Anchor Load Cells - Sisgeo Pills

Hydraulic anchor load cells consist of two ring-shaped stainless steel plates welded together around their circumference. The anular space between the plates is filled under vacuum by deaired oil. The load is directly measured by a Bourdon manometer connected to the cell body. The manometer is calibrated in laboratory to allow direct readings in KN. A very stiff distribution plate is supplied, in order to ensure that the load is applied equally over the loading surface of the cell. Main features: • Rugged and reliable in every environmental condition • Stainless steel body • Splashproof design • Direct readings by Bourdon manometer, no maintenance required • Supplied with a very stiff distribution plate • Electrical conversion for remote readings available ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All the information in this video is the property of Sisgeo S.r.l. and should not be used without permission from Sisgeo S.r.l. Sisgeo S.r.l. Via F. Serpero 4/F1 20060 Masate (MI) - Italy Tel. +39- email: info@sisgeo.com https://www.sisgeo.com/