Sisgeo renews its commitment to support the foundation “Bambini delle Fate” (“Fairies Children”)

Doing business in the social

[ Wednesday, 02 December 2015 ]

Sisgeo renews its commitment to support the Foundation “Bambini delle Fate”. This foundation finances projects of hospitals, associations and bodies that deal with care, rehabilitation and social inclusion of children suffering from autism or disability. This continuous commitment is possible thanks to the companies and privates who constantly support economically the Foundation.
In particular, Sisgeo supports the project “from stables to stars” of the equestrian rehabilitation center Vittorio di Capua, inside the Milanese hospital Niguarda Ca’ Granda. This project is addressed to the disabled boys and girls who have not a full physical, psychological and social autonomy. Thanks to the positive relationship with the animals of the center, the patients have the possibility to develop their psychic and motoric abilities, to learn to express their feelings and to build their own autonomy.
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