Sisgeo and the technical innovations

Article published in the Italian newspaper “Il Giorno”

[ Saturday, 16 April 2016 ]

The interview with Romano Lamperti, Chief Executive Officer at Sisgeo, has been published into the insert “Innovation” of the newspaper “Il Giorno”.

“Taking into account the potentialities that a private structure as ours could have – Eng. Lamperti continues - we have always tried to implement this reality with the best technologies, maintaining a leadership position at an international level. We are proud of our production, completely “made in Italy” […]”

“The instruments for the monitoring of the piles foundations of the third Bosporus bridge – the first in its kind for width and length in suspension - have been produced by Sisgeo. This monitoring activity was fundamental for the criticality of the activities during the construction and realization of the deck . Sisgeo has also realized the ongoing Gazprom tower in Saint Petersburg, the highest in Europe. […]”
This interview was an important occasion to introduce the activities of high-precision instruments design and production for the structural and geotechnical monitoring.

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