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New Calibration Report convention for displacement transducers, crackmeters and extensometers

[ Monday, 04 May 2020 ]


Starting from May 2020, Calibration Report of displacement transducers, crackmeters and extensometers will be issued as requested by ISO 18674-2 standards with the following rule:

  • OPEN TRANSDUCER: full range [mm]

The instruments involved will be the following:

  • DTE displacement transducers for D222 MPBX Mulitipoint Borehole Extensometers
  • D2MX MEXID miniaturised MPBX
  • D232 Embankment Extensometers
  • D235 Convergence Extensometers
  • D313 electrical and vibrating wire Crackmeters
  • D313F Wire Deformometers
  • D241 Wire Crackmeters
  • D314 Embedment Jointmeters
  • D233 LBSG Deformation Meters

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