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Sisgeo new software version for our portable dataloggers

Ver. Smart Manager Suite and ver. 0.6.0 of firmware for Galileo, Archimede e newLeonardo

[ Thursday, 01 September 2016 ]

The new version of Smart Manager Suite software and version 0.6.0 of firmware for New Leonardo, Archimede and Galileo datalogger are now available.
Besides improving the general performances, this update introduces the compatibility with the new versions of SISGEO digital instruments. Now, it is possible to set up at factory the unit of measurement which is the most suitable for the client and the datalogger will recognize it automatically.
In addition, the library of the compatible instruments and the compatibility of the software with operating systems Windows 10 32-64bit have been updated.

For more details regarding changes and corrections, please refer to the revision history which is downloadable at the following link:

Download the software:[0]=0.0&args[1]=ac1d27d1c5bbc36114c2eb02ef55a61c