Readout units and dataloggers

Readout Units and Dataloggers


Readouts and dataloggers are an essential part of a monitoring system. Readouts are always needed during installation procedures to check instruments before and after installation. For monitoring systems, where no automatic measurements are requested, readout units are used also to take regular readings and to check the measurement system.

The CRD-400 readout unit is a single-channel multipurpose tool able to read a large variety of geotechnical and structural sensors (not only the ones manufactured by Sisgeo). The user-friendly software guides the operator in a few simple steps through the measuring procedures.

The Galileo, Archimede and the New Leonardo readout units are high-performance portable dataloggers, able to read and store data from all Sisgeo instruments. A blue-tooth module can be integrated on request to directly connect the reaudout unit with a smart phone, tablet or computer. This option allows to send data in “real-time” to the engineer’s office. Galileo, Archimede and New Leonardo are supplied with the Smart Manager Software Suite, that permits simple connection with a PC/notebook, on-line firmware updates, readout configuration, data download and other important functions.

Small channel mini-loggers are available for monitoring systems that request automatic data acquisition. They are battery, 220V or solar panel power operated. In some case also a GSM/GPRS modem can be connected for remote data download and system management.

The OMNIAlog datalogger is the “state of the art” system for geotechnical and structural monitoring datalogging. It includes project experience from Sisgeo’s 25-years experience in this field.  OMNIAlog main features are:

  • No software required to be installed, thanks to the on-board web server
  • All standard connections enabled: LAN Ethernet, USB and RS232 port
  • High performances in terms of resolution and accuracy in large operating temperature range (-30°C to +70°C)
  • 2 GB internal memory
  • Digital sensors support
  • Compatible with all major geotechnical sensors

Each OMNIAlog system can operate up to 384 channels by utilizing multiplexer expansion boards. Standard communication interfaces that can be supplied are GSM/GPRS modem, HSPA (3G) routers and fiber optic switches. Thanks to the standard LAN interface, all other communication interface that are available on the market can be connected (Wi-Fi, Radio modem, etc…).

Don’t worry about hardware compatibility with operative system compatibility or system languages. The OMNIAlog advanced managing software works like a web site: just open your browser, on your PC, notebook, smart phone, tablet, etc., insert the OMNIAlog address and start to work.