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Rome Underground - Line C - Italy

Metro C Spa

| Country: Italia | Location: Roma | Start: 2007
  • Line C of Rome underground, that is now under construction, will cross the city from North-West (Della Vittoria district) to the eastern suburb and will extend beyond the Grande Raccordo Anulare.

    Route C will have a full-run of 25,6 km and 30 stations, passing through the old town centre. The Route will be characterised by the colour green.

    At the moment 21,5 km and 24 stations are under construction. In the eastern part of the city this new route will use a segment of the old railway Roma-Fiuggi. The interchanges with the other routes will be San Giovanni and Ottaviano (route A) and Colosseo (route B).

    Route C is technologically advanced and it will be a model for the underground of the future. This new route is the first big infrastructure of public transportation in Italy that is driven and controlled by a remote control. When the route will be completed, it will be the most modern underground in Italy and so the capital city will have a public transportation network in line with those of the other big European cities.

    The new underground could carry 600.000 people per day with a capacity of 60.000 passengers during rush-hours.

    The General Contractor of the project is Metro C Scpa, composed by Astaldi, Vianini Lavori, Ansaldo STS, CMB and CCC. Sisgeo furnishes for Metro C all the equipments necessary for the static monitoring both in tunnel and on the surface, including structures, historical buildings and artistic heritage.


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