Piz Nair – Monitoring the stability of the rock mass



Close to the Piz Nair summit, mountain located near Sankt Moritz in the Albula Alps in Switzerland, at over 3,000 m, Huggenberger has provided and collaborated in the installation of a measuring system to monitor the stability of the rock mass, providing instrumentation produced by its parent company SISGEO SRL.

The purpose of the system is to measure the movements of the rock mass in correlation with the variations in temperature, related to global warming.

The installation conditions of the instruments are extremely strict and it has therefore decided to build no. 4 holes about 18 meters deep, equipped with telescopic ABS tubes and manual strain gauges with 14-level magnetic references plus temperature measurement strings (thermometer chains) in the number of 16 sensors per hole.

The acquisition of data concerning the deformation (vertical settlements and rock mass temperature) will be carried out with manual and automatic systems made available by the Sisgeo Group of which Huggenberger is a member.