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“La Linea” Road Pass, Colombia

Consorcio La Línea

| Country: Colombia | Start: 2018 | End: 2019

    Tunnel “La Linea”, recently inaugurated, connects Colombia from the south-west to the center of the country, from Portal Bermellón in Cajamarca - Tolima, to Portal Galicia in Calarcá – Quindío. With a length of more than 8 kilometers, it is the longest road tunnel in the Americas.
    The road has two motorways exits and 13,4 km of dual carriageway, crossing the central mountain range.
    To ensure the safety of this ambitious project, Sisgeo Latinoamerica has provided hundreds of instruments for geotechnical and structural monitoring.

    Instruments installed:

    • 60 Radial and tangential pressure cells

    • 30 Vibrating wire strain gauges

    • 15 Extensometers MPBX 3 bases;

    • 20 Vibrating wire piezometers;

    • 30 Optical targets;

    • 50 Mechanical crackmeters

    • Switch boxes cable;

    • CRD - 400

    More info about the project: