MIND - The new Sisgeo portable multichannel readout unit

The MIND is the new portable multichannel readout unit fully managed by MIND app, able to read and store data from both digital and analogue instruments. It is compact, rugged, light, with IP65 protection class and it is supplied with a specially designed carrying bag. The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless technology allows a fast and safe communication with the MIND app, with a very low battery consumption. With the MIND app, compatible with Android and sooner with iOS, the user can also read the QR Code placed on every analog Sisgeo instrument, having the identification, calibration and reading information always available. MAIN FEATURES: • Long battery life: minimum 8 hours continuously • Supplied with Calibration Report issued following high level metrologic procedures • High accuracy and resolution • Data storage and sharing are easy and immediate • Reading of digital instrument chains • Biaxial analogue sensors reading and simultaneous temperature displaying • On-board "Spectrum analyzer" • Simultaneous display of both electrical and engineering measures • Quick measure option for immediate reading without configuration • Geolocation of sites and sensors • Automatic configuration of analog sensors trough the QR Code • Real time charts • Multiplexer reading