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A simple installation of Sisgeo sensors on the Cassano D’Adda bridge

The “Giro d’Italia 2016” is now over, but our contribution is still present thanks to the installation of some sensors on the Cassano d'Adda bridge, located at the final rush of the 17th stage. The video shows how, with a simple and inexpensive installation, the abutment of a bridge can be surveyed. The monitoring system consists of a wall clinometer (or tilt meter), a vibrating wire crackmeter and our miniOMNIAlog datalogger with GSM for the continuous and remote monitoring. This system is valid for a variety of structural monitoring applications such as the monitoring of historical or residential buildings and can be extended with other instrumentation, for example the H-Level liquid level system, some piezometers, tilt beam sensors, wire extensometers, etc.