TELT - Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin, Monitoring of new high speed railway tunnel

The Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turin is one of the most important underground project under construction in Europe. The project consists in the realization of the new railway double tunnel from Susa/Bussoleno (Italy) and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (France), for a total of 57 km. Sisgeo supply, install and read data of the instruments installed in Saint Martin La Porte access tunnel, TBM assembly chamber and TBM main tunnel. Instruments installed are vibrating wire strain gauges, load cells on rock bolts, steel lining load cells, MPBX multipoint borehole extensometers, pressure cells and OMNIAlog data logger. Data are managed through the AIDA web platform (powered by Field srl). All the information in this video is the property of Sisgeo S.r.l. and should not be used without permission from Sisgeo S.r.l.