FAQ#118 – Is it possible to use the reference reading (zero reading) taken with a digital inclinometer probe as a reference reading for another digital inclinometer probe?

No, this is not possible.
Sisgeo calibrates each probe individually, but each probe has its own small different properties, that have a certain influence on the readings.

The international standard ISO 18674-3, describing the reference reading, states that:
« It is good practice to take an additional reference measurement with an independent probe that can be used as a backup ».
The direction suggested by the standard is therefore clear: if you change the measurement probe, you must take a new reference measurement with the new probe.

However, with the KLION inclinometer data management software, Sisgeo offers a possibility to compare data from different probes. The method proposed by KLION can be applied by accepting 3 strong assumptions (see also the KLION software user manual, starting on page 43):
1 – there was no movement between the first measurement with the new probe and the last reading with the old probe, so they can be considered to be coincident.
2 – the international standard ISO 18674-3 considers measurements taken with different probes to be non-comparable.
3 – international publications suggest not using this approach: the correct procedure when starting measurements on an existing inclinometer tube with a new probe is to start a new data analysis and processing by acquiring a new reference measurement.

By accepting these assumptions, it will be possible to apply the ‘new probe’ function.

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