European Central Bank Headquarters – Frankfurt, Germany
European Central Bank Headquarters – Frankfurt, Germany





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The new European Central Bank Headquarter complex is built in the area of the former wholesale market in the east end (Ostend) of Frankfurt (Germany) including the Grossmarkthalle building itself, an site area of 120,000m². The new „Skytower“ double tower for the ECB building will be 185m (north tower) high with a polygonal shape 45 floors and an east-west aspect (south tower will be 165m high with 43 floors).

The communications mast will increase the overall height of the towers to 220m. The ground conditions – quarternary and tertiary sediments – require pile foundations and extensive geotechnical monitoring measures.

General Information

  • Location: Holzmannstraße, Frankfurt / Main/ Germany
  • Classification: highrise tower foundation
  • Dimension: Height of Tower: 165/185 m