Neckartal Dam project
Neckartal Dam project



In March 2020 the huge dam of Neckartal was inaugurated in Namibia. This dam is fundamental to bring water to the Namibian desert and irrigate 5 thousand hectares of land, stimulating the agriculture and creating employment.
This work, realized with the RCC technology (Roller-Compacted Concrete), is the biggest dam of Namibia: 80m high, 518 long and 850.000 mc of reservoir.
The Sisgeo Group gave a 360-degrees support to the worldwide known construction company Salini-Impregilo and the designer Knight Piesold for the design and installation of the monitoring system, as well as during the delicate terminal phase of the system testing and commissioning.
Sisgeo supplied hundreds of instruments for the geotechnical, structural and hydrological monitoring, as:

  • Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges;
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometers;
  • Vibrating Wire Crack Meters;
  • Vibrating Wire Deformation Meters, which have been specifically designed for this project to monitor the movements of the structural joints realized with the RCC method;
  • Thermometers;
  • Multipoint Borehole Extensometers MPBX;
  • Submersible Tilt Meters;
  • V-Notch Weirs;
  • Manual Readout Units;
  • Automatic Data Acquisition Systems OMNIAlog and miniOMNIAlog.

The data and measurements of the whole monitoring system are managed and elaborated through the WMS – Web Monitoring System – Platform. WMS is a software designed and powered by Field S.r.l., which allows GUI data management, data validation and conversion in engineering units. In addition it allows advanced data organization by means of an innovative automatic reporting and other features.