Discover Sisgeo Group solution for the Rehabilitation and modernization of monitoring systems in dams on our new dedicated brochure

Discover Sisgeo Group solution for the Rehabilitation and modernization of monitoring systems in dams on our new dedicated brochure

Dams are critical infrastructures designed to manage water resources and produce electricity, many of which have reached the end of their useful life or may require extensive rehabilitation. In 2021, UNU-INWEH (United Nations University – Institute for Water, Environment and Health) published a report titled « Ageing water infrastructure: An emerging global risk. » The authors urged […]

Introducing the Future of Railway track Monitoring – The Wireless FLX-RAIL® LoRa

SISGEO RAIL® is proud to announce the official release of the wireless FLX-RAIL® LoRa instrument. Thanks to its advanced measuring principle and power saving technology SBV®, FLX-RAIL® is the first instrument to provide continuous reliable data to monitor the cant and twist of the railway track both in static (without train load) and dynamic underload conditions […]

Informatizzazione del reparto produttivo ed acquistato nuove attrezzature

AL VIA – Agevolazioni Lombarde per la Valorizzazione degli Investimenti Aziendali SISGEO SRL – INFORMATIZZAZIONE DEL REPARTO PRODUTTIVO ED ACQUISTO AUTOCLAVE E PRESSA PER CALIBRAZIONE CELLE DI CARICO Iniziativa realizzata nell’ambito dell’Asse Prioritario III: Promuovere la competitività delle piccole e medie imprese / Obiettivo Investimenti in favore della crescita e dell’occupazioneObiettivo: Investimenti in favore della […]

Audace Crash Test with SISGEO Instruments

We struck a blow, and even several!The AUDACE project is one of the 17 winners of the Connected Bridges call for projects led by CEREMA. AUDACE will have to develop a solution for the bridges managers allowing to process information in real time concerning the occurrence of a road vehicle impact on the bridge deck.SISGEO, the LEMTA of […]

SISGEO est fier d’annoncer sa participation au projet AUDACE

SISGEO et ses partenaires ont été sélectionnés, avec 16 autres groupements, dans le cadre de l’appel à projets « Ponts connectés » lancé par l’Etat et géré par le Cerema dans le cadre de France Relance. Le projet AUDACE (Self-Diagnosis After a Damaging Shock) vise à fournir aux gestionnaires de ponts des informations en temps réel sur […]

We are proud to introduce you MD-Profile system

The first Sisgeo solution for grooveless tubes MD-Profile gauges are designed to be placed within internally flush pipes. The system is suitable for geotechnical and structural applications, for which vertical or horizontal accurate profiling is needed. MAIN APPLICATIONS:• Retaining walls/Slurry walls• Tunneling• Bridges• Concrete Dams• Highrise Buildings• Embankments

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We are proud to introduce you SISGEO RAIL®

Finally the day has come! We are proud to introduce you SISGEO RAIL®, the specialized brand of the SISGEO GROUP dedicated to the railway industry. Thanks to the recognized experience of SISGEO in the field of structural and geotechnical instrumentation, through large investments in innovation and R&D, SISGEO RAIL® is able to meet the industrial and technological challenges linked to the development of […]

Collaboration SNCF Réseau & SISGEO annonce

Début 2020, SISGEO a rejoint le Digital Open Lab. Ce lab est une formidable plateforme collaborative entre des industriels, SNCF Réseau, la FIF (Fédération française de l’industrie ferroviaire) et Institut de Recherche Technologique Railenium avec un objectif commun d’accélérer la digitalisation de la maintenance et de l’exploitation du réseau ferroviaire. Dans ce cadre, SNCF Réseau […]

Sisgeo is honoured to be part of SiC NANO for Picogeo, a European project to improve volcano-seismic monitoring

The aims of the project is to overcome the limitations of the current instruments for geoscience and geohazard monitoring. Funded by the FET Open scheme of the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme, it aims to develop a radically new dynamic ground strain measurement technology with an ultra-high resolution of 10-12 that is about two order of magnitude better than the […]

A new solution for Sisgeo instruments packaging

Digital H-Level-27-October-2020

Sisgeo is always looking for new solutions, even in packing. This is why we have selected the best partner on the market, Grifal, leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art packaging systems that protect our instruments with shock-absorbing, roll-up and completely recyclable wrapping. Thanks Grifal, we are proud of this further step towards an increasingly green future.