IPI In-Place Inclinometers

IPI (In-Place Inclinometer) is a type of inclinometer system used in geotechnical monitoring when a high frequency of inclinometer tube readings and automatic data acquisition is required. IPI probes are specifically designed to measure lateral displacement or deformation of soil or rock masses in various geotechnical applications. IPI systems are composed by a string of IPI inclinometers probes and are widely used in monitoring the stability of deep excavations, slopes, retaining walls, tunnel excavations, embankments, and other geotechnical structures.

BH-Profile is the most common IPI model, available for vertical or horizontal applications. It is designed to be installed inside an inclinometer casing. BH-Profile IPIs are assembled in a continuous chain and lowered inside the casing. BH-Profile IPI system is compliant with ISO standard 18674-3.

MD-Profile probes are designed to be placed within internally flush tubes (grooveless tubes) of reduced dimensions (1.5” or 2”), making the cost of drilling lower than traditional inclinometer casings. Its specially engineered centring device allows to keep the orientation of the whole chain in the middle of the tube, to avoid unwanted movements of the nearby instruments and to guarantee long-term stability.

The standard LT Inclibus segment is composed by a 2m fibre glass rod with 2 biaxial waterproof tiltmeters, ±10° range. It is possible to have one or four tiltmeters on the 2m rod upon request. The rods are connected through mechanical joints, while the gauges are connected in a RS485 digital chain. The chain of LT Inclibus can be installed within a borehole, laid along a trench, or buried in a concrete mass.

In addition to the DEX extensometer, the DEX-S extenso-inclinometer also incorporates a biaxial inclinometer sensor, so that the DEX-S chain is able to provide three-dimensional borehole readings.

A lot of information and suggestions regarding IPI in place inclinometers can be found in the international standard ISO 18674-3 “Measurement of displacements across a line: Inclinometers”.