Tiltmeters are instruments used to measure the tilt or angular displacement of a surface or object. They are commonly used in geotechnical monitoring, structural monitoring, SHM and various other applications where monitoring changes in inclination is important.

Tiltmeters are designed to detect even small changes in inclination, providing valuable data for assessing the stability, deformation and behaviour of buildings, bridges, dams, towers and other structures. Tiltmeters are particularly useful for monitoring the performance and long-term movement of structures.

Tiltmeters are available in different models: uniaxial or biaxial sensor, digital or analogue signal output.

The LT-Inclibus is a string of digital tiltmeters. LT-Inclibus can be embedded in soil or concrete.

For common structural tilt monitoring, TILLI portable tiltmeter, is the optimal solution. You place the TILLI on the pre-installed measuring plate and take a reading using the portable readout unit.