AIDA IoT web data platform

AIDA IoT is an innovative, web-based platform for the real-time management, processing and visualization of monitoring data from all sensor types.
Through its web pages, the data are at any time available to the user in graphical and tabular formats.

The aging of infrastructure directly results in the increasing need for constant monitoring. AIDA IoT is aimed at professionals (engineers, geologists, technical personnel) who need to remotely manage monitoring data for their projects efficiently and perform rapid analyses to prevent potential risks of structural or environmental damages.

AIDA IoT handles data from a wide variety of wired and wireless data acquisition systems, sensors and devices used in various monitoring applications: bridges, tunnels, railway networks, dams, buildings and monuments, environmental parameters.

AIDA is a software platform for data management and visualization. Through its WEB pages, data are available to the Client at any time in graphical and tabular format. AIDA is the evolution of Field S.r.l.’s WMS platform, which has been on the market for more than 15 years. It is based on a database type SQL Server, the most popular query language among those used for interaction with major Databases, especially relational ones.

The sensor measurements recorded by the data loggers on site are sent to dedicated FTP folders divided by project. The same applies to manual measurements, where manual values can be inserted manually into the dedicated FTP folders.

The files are read and processed according to the standards agreed with the customer and inserted into the database.

Data are processed and undergo a first automatic validation based on parameters set during configuration; then they are divided and sorted into groups according with the customer needs and the consultation areas are finally created.

It is possible to set up different alarm thresholds and configure the way to send alarm messages via SMS and/or e-mail to authorized users when the measurement of an instrument exceeds the thresholds.