Inclinometer casings play a crucial role in geotechnical monitoring by housing inclinometer probes and providing a stable reference frame for accurate measurements of ground movement. They are usually made of ABS or aluminium, selected based on the specific project requirements and site conditions.

Inclinometer casings are widely used to monitor unstable slopes, diaphragm walls, retaining walls, mines, tunnel excavations and dams.

Sisgeo provides different models of inclinometer casing that must be chosen according to the depth of installation, type of soil stratification, and possible chemical and physical impacts. ABS inclinometer casings are highly recommended for their resistance and inertia to chemicals and leakage currents.

Aluminium tubes are recommended for very deep installations (e.g., depth > 150 m).

Inclinometer pipes can be measured with a digital MEMS inclinometer probe (BRAIN inclinometer probe) or with a chain of digital IPI In-Place Inclinometers.

A lot of information and suggestions regarding inclinometer casings can be found in the international standard ISO 18674-3 “Measurement of displacements across a line: Inclinometers”.