Urban regeneration: Former Municipal Theatre of Florence

Urban regeneration: Former Municipal Theatre of Florence

Le projet de transformation de l’ancien Théâtre Municipal de Florence, entre Via Solferino, Via Magenta et Corso Italia, prévoit sa démolition presque complète et la construction de 160 appartements, de magasins, d’un gymnase et d’un parking souterrain. Il s’agit du projet de rénovation urbaine le plus important du centre de Florence, qui devrait réaménager un […]

Limfjordstunnelen – Tunnel monitoring

Limfjordstunnelen is a Danish motorway tunnel which connects the highway in eastern Aalborg with the highway east of Nørresundby. Opened 6 May 1969, it was the country’s first motorway tunnel. The tunnel measures 582 metres (1,909 ft) in length, and 27.4 metres (90 ft) in width. Limfjordstunnelen comprises a 6-lane motorway, which is part of […]

Neckartal Dam project

In March 2020 the huge dam of Neckartal was inaugurated in Namibia. This dam is fundamental to bring water to the Namibian desert and irrigate 5 thousand hectares of land, stimulating the agriculture and creating employment. This work, realized with the RCC technology (Roller-Compacted Concrete), is the biggest dam of Namibia: 80m high, 518 long […]

Fuel terminal monitoring

Supply of instrumentation for the monitoring of fuel terminal tanks in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. The scope includes the monitoring of the settlements of structures through H-Level settlement cells and tiltmeters. The settlements and horizontal movements of the ground will be evaluated through IPI inclinometer probes and DEX S probes.

San Siro Stadium – Politecnico di Milano and Sisgeo roof monitoring

San Siro Stadium, also known as “La Scala del Calcio” is one of the most iconic football temples worldwide. Its peculiar structure has been modified in occasion of the 1990 Italy’s World Cup, by adding the third level of tribunes (third ring). The structure has been monitored for the last 13 years from Politecnico di […]

Puente vehicular Hisgaura

This cable-stayed bridge, one of the highest in South America, is 580 meters long and its highest point is 149 meters.It is composed of concrete beams laid with a cantilever system, which consists in laying the beams without requiring intermediate supports during the construction stage. The deck is supported by a total of 128 braces […]

Forrestfield Airport Link

“The $1.86 billion Forrestfield-Airport Link is jointly funded by the Australian and Western Australian governments and will deliver a new rail service to the eastern suburbs of Perth – with three new stations at Belmont, Airport Central and Forrestfield.The rail link will connect with the existing Midland line near Bayswater Station and will run to […]

Warsaw Metro Project – Line 2

The 6.5 km east-west route links Rondo Daszyńskiego and Dworzec Wileński includes seven stations and an 870 m tunnel under the Wisła River. The civil works began late in 2010 and became operative in March 2015. In 2016 the works for the extension toward east and west of the second line started, estimated schedule of […]

Clinomètre portable Tilli

Codes de référence: SCLIN TILLI est un clinomètre portable. Il se compose d’un châssis robuste en acier inoxydable qui accueille une enceinte de capteur en aluminium avec un inclinomètre à technologie MEMS. Les surfaces du châssis sont usinées de manière à permettre un positionnement précis du clinomètre lors des mesures. Les mesures peuvent être réalisées […]

Clinomètre à barre (TB)

Codes de référence: S700, S7BM Les clinomètres à barre (TB ou Tilt Beam) peuvent être utilisés à la fois en chaîne pour mesurer un mouvement continu ou individuellement pour mesurer l’inclinaison relative entre deux points (aux extrémités de la barre) Comme tous les clinomètres MEMS de Sisgeo, ils utilisent la toute dernière technologie MEMS qui […]

Clinomètres analogiques MEMS

Codes de référence: S541MA, S542MA, S521MA, S522MA, S531SV, S532SV La mesure des inclinaisons est essentielle pour le contrôle et la sécurité des structures érigées, aussi bien lors de la phase de construction que lors de leur exploitation. Grâce au nouveau capteur MEMS auto-compensé ou aux capteurs servo-accéléromètres à équilibrage de force, les clinomètres Sisgeo garantissent […]