Preliminary verifications:

• B.R.A.IN reel’s battery is charged
• Your mobile or tablet has the following minimum features:
          Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.2 or higher
          Android OS 7 or higher

If the preliminary verification is positive, please proceed as follows:
• Un-install the B.R.A.IN app from your device (if you have already installed it)
• Un-pair the B.R.A.IN from your device (if you have already paired it)
• Restart your device
• Switch on your B.R.A.IN reel
• Go into Android settings –> Bluetooth. Search for the available Bluetooth devices. You should find your B.R.A.IN named with its serial number, select it.
• If the system requires to insert the Bluetooth PIN: insert the code 123456 and then OK.
• Give the permissions to the B.R.A.IN APP for “Location” and “Storage”: go to “Android Settings” –> “App & notifications” –> select the “B.R.A.IN” app –> “Permissions” –> Allow “LOCATION” and then also allow “STORAGE”
• Restart the device
• Switch off you B.R.A.IN reel (if the B.R.A.IN led doesn’t change from blue, keep pressed the switch-on button for more than 3 seconds until the led becomes flashing green, now press again the button in order to switch off the B.R.A.IN).
• Download and install the B.R.A.IN app from your device store (e.g. Google Play)
• Open the B.R.A.IN app on your device
• Switch on the B.R.A.IN reel
• Select « system » in the B.R.A.IN app. You should find the switched-on B.R.A.IN reel with its serial number.
• Tap on the find B.R.A.IN and wait for connection.
• Within 15-20 second you should see the « system info » page, something similar to the following image:

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