Fuel terminal monitoring

Fuel terminal monitoring

Supply of instrumentation for the monitoring of fuel terminal tanks in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. The scope includes the monitoring of the settlements of structures through H-Level settlement cells and tiltmeters. The settlements and horizontal movements of the ground will be evaluated through IPI inclinometer probes and DEX S probes.

Estensimetro da rilevato

Codici di riferimento: D232 L’ESTENSIMETRO DA RILEVATO PERMETTE DI MISURARE I MOVIMENTI ORIZZONTALI DEL RILEVATO ENTRO CUI È STATO INSTALLATO DURANTE LA SUA COSTRUZIONE. Il sistema è composto da due piastre di ancoraggio connesse attraverso delle aste in acciaio ad un elemento di misura; tale elemento di misura consiste in un tubo telescopico entro cui […]

Bidvaz Esfarayen Dam, Islamic Republic of IRAN

Project Name: Bidvaz Esfarayen Dam Purpose of the project: Agricolture & Irrigation Project location: Khorasan- Esfarayen Client: Khorasan Regional Water Authority Contractor: Gostaresh Nosazi Sanayee Iran CO. Dam Type: Earth Fill Dam With Clay Core Height above foundation: 60 (m) Crest level (above sea level): 1534 Crest length: 113 (m) End of construction: June 2005

Karahnjukar Hydroelectric Project, Iceland

The Kárahnjúkar dam is a concrete-faced rock fill dam (CFRD) type with a maximum height of 193m and, when completed it will be the highest of its kind in Europe and among the highest in the world. When full the level of the 57km2 the Hálslón storage reservoir will reach the height of 625m above […]