The Wireless FLX-RAIL® LoRa

Growing know-how, inclined to innovation – SISGEO’s 30 years anniversary

SISGEO’s 30 years anniversary – Kilometro Rosso Innovation District

Monitoraggio della nuova linea ferroviaria Lione-Torino TELT – Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin

Audace Crash Test with SISGEO Instruments

MIND – The new Sisgeo portable multichannel readout unit

SISGEO DEX-S Inclino-Extensometer – The unique solution for 3D Automatic Borehole Monitoring

San Siro Stadium – Politecnico di Milano and Sisgeo roof monitoring

DEX extensometer and DEX-S 3D extenso-inclinometer the unique solution for 3D borehole monitoring

New OMNIAlog and miniOMNIAlog firmware release

Sisgeo new Calibration Report

Sisgeo Digital BH-Profile In-Place Inclinometers chain installation at the AGH University of Science and Technology Stanisław Staszic in Krakow

Sisgeo H-Level Liquid Level System

Hydraulic Anchor Load Cells – Sisgeo Pills

Electrical Resistance Anchor Load Cell – Sisgeo Pills

Vibrating Wire Piezometers – Sisgeo Pills

Sisgeo B.R.A.IN APP Quick Start

Sisgeo Tunnel Monitoring Projects