Fuel terminal monitoring

Fuel terminal monitoring

Supply of instrumentation for the monitoring of fuel terminal tanks in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. The scope includes the monitoring of the settlements of structures through H-Level settlement cells and tiltmeters. The settlements and horizontal movements of the ground will be evaluated through IPI inclinometer probes and DEX S probes.


Codes der Referenzprodukte: D313F, D314F Draht-Extensometer erfassen Bewegungen und Verschiebungen zwischen zwei, weit auseinander liegenden Messpunkten. Es gibt sie mit linearpotetiometrischen Sensoren oder mit Schwingsaitensensoren. Der Drahtextensometer besteht im Wesentlichen aus dem federgespannten und wasserdichten Sensor in einem rostbeständigen Stahlgehäuse, der Montageplatte, dem Kevlarseil, das den Sensor mit dem Messpunkt verbindet, und dem Messbolzen. Der […]

Monitoring works for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games – Russia

Sisgeo, thanks to the collaboration with its Russian partners AGT Systems and GPIKO, furnished and installed all the equipments necessary to monitor the most important road and railway works that are under construction in Sochi area, that is the neural centre of 2014 Winter Olympics.The monitored works are: retaining walls for the protection of roads, […]

FAQ#111 – Why I cannot read correctly my 4-20mA current loop gauge?

It could be a problem connected to the power supply given by the readout or logger. When the power supply is in the current loop (2-wire gauge) it is necessary to consider the effect of voltage drop across the shunt resistor on the voltage applied to the gauge. For example, suppose a 4-20mA gauge requires […]