FAQ#086 – How to solve the problem with dial-up connection under Windows in some languages version

When you create the dial-up remote connection to communicate with miniOMNIAlog, there could appear an error regarding the driver of the Standard Modem 56000bps used for the connection. This error appears only if you use certain versions of Windows in languages different from Italian and English.

This problem could appear both configuring manually the connection and using the software supplied from SISGEO “miniOMNIAlog Connection Tool”. This software automatically configures the connection. Otherwise, the user should configure the connection manually.

If you start the connection, there could appear an error regarding the Standard Modem 56000bps and the connection could fail.

To solve this problem, SISGEO has a special version of miniOMNIAlog Connection Tool which allows indicating which drivers for modem 56000bps can be used. Therefore, you could avoid using the drivers on the Windows version installed on the PC. In addition to the Tool, SISGEO supplies a folder containing the working drivers. These drivers originate from an English Windows version and therefore are genuine and safe.

When you are trying to connect to miniOMNIALog, and an error about drivers appears or the connection fails, it is necessary to ask to SISGEO for the special tool by opening a support ticket:


After receiving the new tool, it is necessary to proceed as follow:

  • Uninstall the previous version of miniOMNIAlog Connection Tool
  • Remove any modem of dial-up connections created with the previous tool
  • Extract on desktop the content of file .ZIP
  • Install the new Tool

After having started the new Tool, you could see a new button which allows selecting the drivers in the folder of the ZIP file and so, not those on the operating system.

In so doing, a new connection which uses the working drivers creates.

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