FAQ#116 – How do I configure a WR-Log digital node to read RS485 Sisgeo TIMED sensors?

Sisgeo digital instruments can operate in two powering modes: TIMED or ALWAYS-ON (for more information see F.A.Q.#094.
A string of mixed instruments consisting of TIMED gauges and ALWAYS-ON gauges cannot work.
The first thing to do is therefore to check that ALL connected instruments in your array are set to TIMED mode.
You can check the powering mode of your gauges in the calibration reports of each instrument as in the example below.
The numbers „3-3“ after „TIMED“ are the „warming delay“ and „address delay“ values to be entered in the APP wizard set-up page.

In order to correctly set-up the WR-Log app for reading a string of Sisgeo digital gauges in TIMED powering mode, please follow the next screenshot as example:

– choose the protocol „Sisgeo v3“ 
– insert the correspondent Warming delay value (in our example 3)
– insert the correspondent Adress delay value (in our example 3)
– insert the addresses of the gauges in your string, separated by comma without any space, in ASCENDING order (do NOT inser the addresses in random order!)
NOTE: in TIMED mode, the reading time is about WARMING_DELAY x HIGHER_RS485_ADDRESS, in our case 3 x 20 = about 60 seconds.
So, if your string is composed by 20 gauges BUT with addresses from 200 to 220, the reading time is about 3 x 220 = 660 seconts (11 minutes) to read the same 20 gauges. So that, is really important to correctly set-up the addresses of the gauges of the string to be read.

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