B.R.A.IN MEMS-sonden-neigungsmesser

The BRAIN inclinometer system is a device used to measure the displacement in ground or under structures. It is particularly useful in assessing the stability of slopes, embankments, retaining walls, and other structures that are susceptible to movements or deformations. By measuring the change in inclination over time, inclinometers provide valuable data for analysing the behaviour and movement of monitored structures. The BRAIN system, in combination with the KLION data analysis software, provides an inclinometer report compliant with the ISO 18674-3 standard.

The BRAIN Inclinometer system mainly consists of an inclinometer probe, a reeled cable with Bluetooth connection, an app for Android or iOS devices and advanced KLION data analysis software.

BRAIN app was developed to quickly and easily manage the BRAIN system. The BRAIN app supports all digitized removable probes manufactured by Sisgeo (inclinometer probes, spiral meter probes, and T-REX strain gauge probes).

KLION is an advanced software for processing, graphing and report production for inclinometer surveys, spiral meter compensation and T-REX incremental extensometer measurements.