Molunghi landslide monitoring, Italy

Molunghi landslide monitoring, Italy

Study and monitoring of Molunghi landslide The monitoring project of Molunghi landslide is the result of the cooperation between the Comune di Calice al Cornoviglio and the Road Department of La Spezia Province and it is began in consequence of the instability of both the provincial street and part of Monlunghi di Mezzo inhabitat during […]

FAQ#116 – How do I configure a WR-Log digital node to read RS485 Sisgeo TIMED sensors?

Sisgeo digital instruments can operate in two powering modes: TIMED or ALWAYS-ON (for more information see F.A.Q.#094.A string of mixed instruments consisting of TIMED gauges and ALWAYS-ON gauges cannot work.The first thing to do is therefore to check that ALL connected instruments in your array are set to TIMED mode.You can check the powering mode […]

FAQ#111 – Why I cannot read correctly my 4-20mA current loop gauge?

It could be a problem connected to the power supply given by the readout or logger. When the power supply is in the current loop (2-wire gauge) it is necessary to consider the effect of voltage drop across the shunt resistor on the voltage applied to the gauge. For example, suppose a 4-20mA gauge requires […]

FAQ#095 – How long does a chain of digital sensors take to be read?

It mainly depends from the powering mode of the gauges (refer to FAQ#094 for the description of the powering modes). AN EXAMPLE WILL BETTER CLARIFY THE ANSWER. In a batch of 240 gauges, unless otherwise requested by the Customer, the addresses are settled from #001 up to #240. In a borehole is installed a chain of 30 […]

FAQ#087 – Could the IPI, BH Profile and DEX probes have problems in frozen water?

Sisgeo suggest that frozen water within the inclinometer casings is to be avoided due to following reasons: – Ice within the casing will affect functionality of the systems by blocking the individual probes;– Mechanical damages can occur to the probes, but also to the inclinometer casing due to the expansion of frozen water In any […]

FAQ # 073 – ¿Cuál es el número máximo de sensores digitales (RS-485, Modbus), el número máximo de cadenas y la longitud máxima de cable en una red RS-485?

Última actualización: Octubre 2021 Todos los sensores digitalizados SISGEO utilizan una interfaz RS485 con protocolo Modbus. 1.El número máximo de sensores digitalizados en una red RS-485 son 247 (teórico) 2.El número máximo de cadenas de sensores digitalizados que es posible conectar a la unidad maestra Modbus (como OMNIAlog o miniOMNIAlog) son 4. 3. Sobre el […]

Genova Underground Station – Italy

This section of the Genoa subway will improve the transportation to both the Old Genoa Harbour Exhibition Centre and the new Aquarium, improving in the meantime both traffic conditions and the re-organisation of the surface transport network. Works have required important preliminary soil consolidation works and were executed in a heavily populated urban area, without […]

Tangab Dam, I.R. of Iran

Project Name: Tangab Dam Purpose of the project: Irrigotion & Resort Area Project location: IRAN – Shiraz Client: FARS Regional Water Authority Contractor:EV- YOL CO. Dam Type: Rock Fill With Chimney Clay Core Height above foundation: 51 m Crest length: 270 m Capacity of the Reservoir: 130,000,000 m3 End of construction: Under Construction Will Be […]

Mollasadra Dam – Iran

GENERAL INFORMATION Project Name: Mollasadra DamPurpose of the project: Agricultural & Energy productionProject location: IRAN – FARSClient: FARS Regional Water AuthorityContractor: Melli Sakhteman. CoDam Type: Earth Fill Dam With Clay CoreHeight above foundation: 72 mCrest level (above sea level): 2122 (m)Crest length: 630 mCapacity of the Reservoir: 440,000,000 m3End of construction January: 2006 INSTRUMENTS INSTALLED […]