Sisgeo H-Level Liquid Level System

Sisgeo H-Level Liquid Level System

The H-Level is the automatic liquid level system for accurate long-term monitoring of differential settlements in buildings, tunnels, and other civil structures. It consists of a series of H-Level gauges that are hydraulically connected to a reference tank positioned in a stable location. Each H-Level gauge includes a high-resolution pressure sensor that monitors the head […]

Hydraulic Anchor Load Cells – Sisgeo Pills

Hydraulic anchor load cells consist of two ring-shaped stainless steel plates welded together around their circumference. The anular space between the plates is filled under vacuum by deaired oil. The load is directly measured by a Bourdon manometer connected to the cell body. The manometer is calibrated in laboratory to allow direct readings in KN. […]

Electrical Resistance Anchor Load Cell – Sisgeo Pills

Electrical resistance anchor load cell consists of a ring-shaped stainless steel body which incorporates from 8 to 16 electrical resistance strain gauges in full bridge configuration. Typical application includes performance testing of anchor systems in tunnelling or deep excavations. Main features: • Retaining walls • Diaphragm walls • Deep excavations • Landslides • Tunneling • […]

Vibrating Wire Piezometers – Sisgeo Pills

Vibrating wire piezometers are used to monitor pore-water pressure in soils. They are typically sealed in boreholes but can also be embedded in fills, or suspended in a well. Typical applications include evaluating slope stability, dewatering and drainage schemes, overpressure in silt and clay soils, permeability and hydraulic gradients in dams, and also ground water […]

Sisgeo B.R.A.IN APP Quick Start

B.R.A.IN. APP is the new way to take measures with Sisgeo inclinometer system. Your smartphone become the data logger via this innovative APP compatible with IOS and Android. It allows to make surveys, manage data tables, create polar and linear graphs and send all the data through any sharing APP installed on your device. Discover […]

Sisgeo Tunnel Monitoring Projects

In this video you can find some prestigious Tunnel Projects monitored with Sisgeo geotechnical instruments: – Grand Paris Express, France – Metro Warsaw C18 station, Poland – Sochi City Tunnel #8, Russia – Metro L1 Panama, Panama – Visnove Tunnel Slovakia – Metro C Rome, Italy – TELT Lyon-Turin, France – Empedocle TBM Tunnel, Italy […]

The new Sisgeo BH-Profile: designed for the highest performances

The New Sisgeo BH-Profile, Borehole Profile Inclinometer, is the perfect solution for the highest performances in remote monitoring of casings deformed by active soil movements. BH-Profile chains allow the most stable readings and the most accurate results thanks to their renewed design, coming from many years of experience with inclinometer measurements. The BH-Profile chain consists […]

Sisgeo new tiltmeter, the most compact ever!

Our splash proof IP67 tiltmeter, with box dimensions 99x55x49mm, is equipped with one M12 connector for both analogue and digital sensors. The cable model 0WE106IP0ZH is suitable for analogue and digital versions, as well as for the uniaxial and biaxial. It ensures high performances and accuracy together with very low thermal dependency. Thanks to its […]

Sisgeo BRAIN Teaser – ITALIANO

Il sistema inclinometrico B.R.A.IN (Borehole Readout Array for INclinometers) è composto principalmente dalla APP BRAIN di gestione del sistema compatibile con dispositivi Android o Apple (dispositivo non fornito da SISGEO), una sonda inclinometrica digitale MEMS (verticale e/o orizzontale) e un cavo montato su rullo Bluetooth. La centralina è incorporata nel corpo del rullo; il protocollo […]

BRAIN tutorial

This video shows how simple and intuitive is to use the new BRAIN inclinometer system. The system, composed by the BRAIN APP, bluetooth cable reel and MEMS inclinometer probe, is completed with the accessories (dummy/test probe and pulley cable stop). The technician in the video simply described the basic operations for an inclinometer survey. Detailed […]

Sisgeo Corporate 2018

Nothing is our world is ever still. Everything lives, transforms and moves. Can you hear it? Sisgeo, thanks to its continuous technological innovation, listens to the world around us, understands it and develops and proposes efficient solutions in geotechnical field for 25 years. The attention to detail, from the design to the engineering, makes Sisgeo […]

Rome Metro C project – Historical heritages monitoring

Along its route, Line C interacts with historical heritages that are unique in the world and protected by UNESCO. Thousands of Sisgeo instruments are installed along Metro C line to protect civil structures, buildings and monuments. With this video, Sisgeo would like to focus the attention to the monitoring of Rome most famous historical buildings: […]