The Wireless FLX-RAIL® LoRa

The Wireless FLX-RAIL® LoRa

Introducing the Future of Railway track Monitoring – The Wireless FLX-RAIL® LoRa ? SISGEO RAIL is proud to announce the official release of the wireless FLX-RAIL® LoRa instrument. Thanks to its advanced measuring principle and power saving technology SBV®, FLX-RAIL® is the first instrument to provide continuous reliable data to monitor the cant and twist […]

SISGEO’s 30 years anniversary – Kilometro Rosso Innovation District

This video is a recollection of the first incredible day of the event for Sisgeo’s 30 years anniversary, once again we’d like to thank the speakers who shared their knowledge and experience with all of us. Their presentations offered us interesting insights and new perspectives on monitoring. Hope you love it! Here’s the list of […]

TELT – Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin, Monitoring of new high speed railway tunnel

The Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turin is one of the most important underground project under construction in Europe. The project consists in the realization of the new railway double tunnel from Susa/Bussoleno (Italy) and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (France), for a total of 57 km. Sisgeo supply, install and read data of the instruments installed in Saint Martin La Porte […]

Audace Crash Test with SISGEO Instruments

FR: Nous avons frappé un grand coup, et même plusieurs ! Le projet AUDACE est l’un des 17 lauréats de l’appel à projets Ponts connectés piloté par le Cerema . AUDACE devra développer une solution à destination des gestionnaires d’ouvrages permettant de traiter des informations en temps réel concernant la survenue d’un choc de véhicule […]

MIND – The new Sisgeo portable multichannel readout unit

The MIND is the new portable multichannel readout unit fully managed by MIND app, able to read and store data from both digital and analogue instruments. It is compact, rugged, light, with IP65 protection class and it is supplied with a specially designed carrying bag. The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless technology allows a fast […]

San Siro Stadium – Politecnico di Milano and Sisgeo roof monitoring

San Siro Stadium, also known as “La Scala del Calcio” is one of the most iconic football temples worldwide. Its peculiar structure has been modified in occasion of the 1990 Italy’s World Cup, by adding the third level of tribunes (third ring). The structure has been monitored for the last 13 years from Politecnico di […]

DEX extensometer and DEX-S 3D extenso-inclinometer the unique solution for 3D borehole monitoring

DEX In-Place extensometer is designed to monitor settlement or heave. DEX should be installed in ABS inclinometer casings with magnet rings. The DEX system permits remote automatic monitoring of vertical and horizontal casings. Available models are DEX extensometers and DEX-S extenso-inclinometers. The DEX-S extenso-inclinometer is a unique solution for 3D borehole monitoring. DEX-S is a […]

New OMNIAlog and miniOMNIAlog firmware release

OMNIAlog is our versatile, cost effective and low powered datalogger supporting vibrating wire and all major geotechnical sensors. It has a mini web server on board, 8 to 24 local analog channels but expandable to 408 channels through multiplexers and 2 digital opto-isolated input ports. MiniOMNIAlog is a four-channel logger with mini server on board, […]

Sisgeo new Calibration Report

Sisgeo is proud to present you the new Calibration Reports that accompany our instruments. This is the result of a careful metrological research carried out in collaboration with Ing. Aldo Ponterio, expert consultant in metrology and coordinator of the Technical Commission UNI / CT047 GL5 (measurement equipment) of the UNI – Italian Regulatory Body, of […]

Sisgeo Digital BH-Profile In-Place Inclinometers chain installation at the AGH University of Science and Technology Stanisław Staszic in Krakow

On 19th and 20th September Sisgeo and our Polish partner GEOD participated to the 3rd Engineering Geology Workshop at the AGH University of Science and Technology Stanisław Staszic in Krakow. The workshop was addressed to professionals, companies and academicians and was organised by the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection and Department of Hydrogeology […]