FAQ#091 – How can I read data from 0MEPR106000 barometer in engineering units?

The Barometer model 0MEPR106000 have a 4-20mA current loop output.
The measuring range is from 800 mbar (equivalent to 4 mA) to 1200 mbar (equivalent to 20 mA).

Manual readings are taken connecting the wires to a readout according to the following instructions:

Signal: 4-20mA current loop

Red: + Loop
Black: – Loop

The following formula allows to convert the electrical measurements (mA) into engineering values (mbar):

?????= (???*?)+700

Pmbar = Pressure in millibar
RmA = Reading in mA
S = sensitivity as from the Compliance Certificate in mA/mbar (usually 25 mbar/mA)