Audace Crash Test with SISGEO Instruments
Audace Crash Test with SISGEO Instruments

We struck a blow, and even several!
The AUDACE project is one of the 17 winners of the Connected Bridges call for projects led by CEREMA. AUDACE will have to develop a solution for the bridges managers allowing to process information in real time concerning the occurrence of a road vehicle impact on the bridge deck.
SISGEO, the LEMTA of the University of Lorraine and SNCF Réseau worked together to carry out a unique test.

On March 22, 2022, in Vignacourt (near Amiens), the AUDACE project set up at the foot of an SCNF out-of-service railway bridge, lifting gear with 3 suspended masses. Each in turn, these masses were released at different speeds and the reaction of the structure was measured with a SISGEO OMNIAlog unit, displacement sensors, accelerometers and an AD-SIGNUM structural health sensor. The data collected will make it possible to characterize the response of the structure subjected to collisions of different intensities.

“Impressive” is the word that best describes this day, which showed our capacities for coordinating and managing a project starting from a very BOLD (AUDACieusE) idea! SISGEO is particularly proud to have been able to carry out this superb operation with its eminent partners, immortalized in the short film below!

A big thank you to our shock subcontractors SOMMALEV SARL and Franck Badaire for having helped us bring this crazy idea to life as well as to CEREMA for the interest shown in our project.  

Video on our Youtube channel: