Egnatia Odos Road – Athens, Greece
Egnatia Odos Road – Athens, Greece




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Egnatia Motorway was designed to the specifications of the Trans-European road network. Across Epirus and Northern Greece from Igoumenitsa to Evros, Egnatia Motorway is one of the largest road construction projects in Europe, 670 kilometres long and 24.5 metres wide.
The realisation of this motorway requires the construction of:

  • 50 road interchanges;
  • 350 entrance / exit over-bridges and underpasses;
  • 1.650 major bridges, with a combined length of about 40 km;
  • 74 tunnels, with a combined length of 49,5 km or 99 km measured as single carriageway;
  • 43 river crossings;
  • 11 railway crossings.

Three tunnels are more than 3 km long:

  • Driskos Twin-Bore Tunnel, 4.7 km long per carriageway;
  • Dodoni Twin-Bore Tunnel, 3.4 km long per carriageway;
  • Metsovo Single-Bore Tunnel, 3.5 km long.