Ituango Hydroelectric project
Ituango Hydroelectric project






The 2.400MW Ituango hydroelectric project will be the largest hydropower plant in Colombia. The plant is being built on the banks of Cauca River. The project is located in the northwestern region of Antioquia, about 170km north of the Colombian city of Medellin.

The project is a part of the initiative undertaken to exploit the hydroelectric potential of the Cauca River in its middle stretch.

The first stage of commercial operation of the plant is expected to begin in 2018 and the second stage in 2022. Upon its completion, the project is expected to generate 13.900GWh each year, accounting for about 13% of Colombia’s total installed power capacity.

Sisgeo Latinoamerica carried out the supervision to installation at the instrumentation of the dam body; they also supply and install geotechnical monitoring instrumentation for the diversion tunnel.