Bangkok Blue Line Extension Project, Contract 2 – Thailand

Bangkok Blue Line Extension Project, Contract 2 – Thailand

The MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit) Blue Line is being extended.The extension is expected to be completed in 2017 and by then the Blue Line will become a loop line around the centre of Bangkok, with the part on the western side of the Chao Praya River mainly being an elevated system and the other half […]

Arosa Schafisgade project – new touristic resort – Switzerland

The Arosa Schafisgade project includes construction of three houses with each six luxury apartments. The houses are located in a potential unstable slope. During excavation work adjacent houses above the new built ones had to be monitored geodetically. Between the new excavation and the existing houses borehole inclinometers had been drilled and monitored to detect […]

FAQ#116 – How do I configure a WR-Log digital node to read RS485 Sisgeo TIMED sensors?

Sisgeo digital instruments can operate in two powering modes: TIMED or ALWAYS-ON (for more information see F.A.Q.#094.A string of mixed instruments consisting of TIMED gauges and ALWAYS-ON gauges cannot work.The first thing to do is therefore to check that ALL connected instruments in your array are set to TIMED mode.You can check the powering mode […]

FAQ # 076 – ¿Por qué es necesario añadir una resistencia de terminación para el último sensor digitalizado de cada cadena RS-485?

Todos los instrumentos digitalizados SISGEO (IPI, inclinómetros, H-Nivel …) utilizan el protocolo de comunicación de serie RS-485. El protocolo RS485 contempla una resistencia de terminación. La conexión en cadena recomendada es de nodos de punto-a-punto (multipunto) como un modo BUS (línea). Estrella, anillo o multiplicar la conexión de red no se recomiendan. Los dataloggers SISGEO […]

FAQ # 073 – ¿Cuál es el número máximo de sensores digitales (RS-485, Modbus), el número máximo de cadenas y la longitud máxima de cable en una red RS-485?

Última actualización: Octubre 2021 Todos los sensores digitalizados SISGEO utilizan una interfaz RS485 con protocolo Modbus. 1.El número máximo de sensores digitalizados en una red RS-485 son 247 (teórico) 2.El número máximo de cadenas de sensores digitalizados que es posible conectar a la unidad maestra Modbus (como OMNIAlog o miniOMNIAlog) son 4. 3. Sobre el […]