Cellules de charge électro-hydrauliques pour les soutènements en acier et les butons

Codes de référence: L2CE Les cellules de charge électro-hydrauliques sont composées d’une surface en acier inoxydable et d’un capteur de pression. La cellule est composée de deux plaques soudées entre elles sur leur périphérie avec un espace interstitiel rempli sous vide avec de l’huile désaérée afin d’assurer une rigidité maximale; ainsi, la charge est transmise […]

Rome Underground – Line C – Italy

Rome metro Line C runs through the city from North-West (Della Vittoria district) to the eastern suburb and is extending beyond the Grande Raccordo Anulare.Line C has a full-run of 25,6 km and 30 stations, passing through the old town centre.The Route will be characterised by the green colour. The interchanges with the other metro […]

Center for Monitoring of impact of infrastructures on environment, Bucharest – Romania

Under EU financing, a Center for monitoring of impact of infrastructure on environment has been created within Technical University of Bucharest.The project was developed though an International Tender which was awarded to SISGEO. The aim was to provide Technical University with comprehensive list of geotechnical equipment, in order to allow University specialist to deal with […]

FAQ#111 – Why I cannot read correctly my 4-20mA current loop gauge?

It could be a problem connected to the power supply given by the readout or logger. When the power supply is in the current loop (2-wire gauge) it is necessary to consider the effect of voltage drop across the shunt resistor on the voltage applied to the gauge. For example, suppose a 4-20mA gauge requires […]