FAQ#095 – How long does a chain of digital sensors take to be read?

It mainly depends from the powering mode of the gauges (refer to FAQ#094 for the description of the powering modes).


In a batch of 240 gauges, unless otherwise requested by the Customer, the addresses are settled from #001 up to #240. In a borehole is installed a chain of 30 digital IPI with addresses from #210 to #240 that are read with a dedicated logger or wireless node.

– IF the powering mode is ALWAYS ON, the system will take 30 seconds to read the whole chain (about 1 second for each gauge)
– IF the powering mode is TIMED, the system will take 723 seconds to read the whole chain, because the TIMED mode call one by one ALL the addresses (3 seconds of warm-up +[3 seconds x higher address]). So that the reading time strongly depends from the address number.

Consequently, is really important to define the LAYOUT OF THE SYSTEM: number of digital chains, the number of gauges for each chain, and how many or which logger will be utilized to read the gauges. 
In the batch of 240 gauges, if they will be installed in 8 chains of 30 sensors each, and if each chain is read with a dedicated logger or digital wireless node, the best solution is to inform SISGEO about the layout of installation and SISGEO will set-up ALL the chains of digital gauges with addresses from #001 to #030. 
In this case, in TIMED mode the chain will be read in 93 seconds.

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