Inclinomètres fixes BH-profile

Codes de référence: S431HD, S432HD, S431HA, S432HA

Borehole profile in-place inclinometers offer continuous remote monitoring of casings deformed by active soil movements.

BH-Profile chain consists of a number of MEMS IPI probes with carbon fiber extension rods and a terminal wheel assembly to close the chain.

Thanks to the digital RS-485 signal output, they can be connected to OMNIAlog datalogger or WR-Log wireless system for remote data management.

BH-Profile in-place inclinometers are compatible with all Sisgeo’s inclinometer casings: standard, Easy Lock and Quick Joint

The principle of acceleration sensing is simple and reliable: inertia of a moving body is converted into force according to Newton’s second law. The basic elements of the accelerometer are the spring, the proof mass and the surrounding support structures. The spring connects the mass to the support.

When the speed of the sensor changes, the proof mass is forced to follow the change via the spring coupling. A force is needed to change the motion of the proof mass. Due to this force the spring is bent and the distance between the body and the proof mass changes in proportion to the acceleration.

Sisgeo’s MEMS inclinometers utilize capacitive sensor: in a capacitive sensor the support and the proof mass are insulated from each other, and their capacitance, or charge storage capacity, is measured. As the distance decreases, the capacitance increases and electric current travels towards the sensor; when the distance increases, the opposite occurs. The sensor converts the acceleration of the body into an electric signal.

The core of our MEMS inclinometers is a symmetrical, bulk-micromachined acceleration sensing element that has two sensing capacitors. Symmetry decreases temperature dependence and cross-axis sensitivity while improving linearity. All Sisgeo MEMS based instruments have a built-in NTC thermistor to measure also temperature value during readings.

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Digital BH-Profile In-Place Inclinometers chain installation

Digital BH-Profile In-Place Inclinometers chain installation

On 19th and 20th September Sisgeo and our Polish partner GEOD participated to the 3rd Engineering Geology Workshop at the AGH University of Science and Technology Stanisław Staszic in Krakow. The workshop was addressed to professionals, companies and academicians and was organised by the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection and Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology. GEOD and SISGEO held a workshop on “Drilling and sampling methods in geotechnical studies”, composed by a theoretical part in class and a practical part on field.