Brunt Road LXR – new bridge monitoring

Brunt Road LXR – new bridge monitoring

Sisgeo supplied instrumentation for the monitoring of a new road bridge over the rail line at Brunt Road in Beaconsfield, Australia. The Victorian Government aims to eliminate 110 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by the year 2030, marking the largest initiative of its kind in the history of Victoria. In fact, removing this […]

Waste water treatment plant Zimmerberg

The aging Horgen and Thalwil wastewater treatment plants, situated near Zürich, Switzerland, require extensive renovation to enhance their cleaning efficiency. The two plants are therefore to be merged. The new, modern Zimmerberg wastewater treatment plant (ARA) will treat the wastewater of up to 78,000 inhabitants and industry from 2027. In the event of an extreme […]

Konsko Dam

The dam is located close to the border between North Macedonia and Greece. It’s an embankment rock-fill dam with a central asphalt-concrete core as watertight element. The dam will be 80 m height, the cross section on top will be 340 m long, with a total embankment volume is approx. 1.4 m3 The main purpose […]

Highway 4G Cúcuta – Pamplona

The Unión Vial Río Pamplonita Concessionaire is in charge of the Pamplona-Cúcuta dual carriageway, the most important road infrastructure work in Norte de Santander. This project is a solution to the border mobility between Colombia and Venezuela, as well as with the northeast of Colombia. The main characteristics of the project are: its length of […]

Fuel terminal monitoring

Suministro de instrumentación para el monitoreo de tanques del terminal de combustible en la ciudad de Cuenca, Ecuador. El alcance incluye monitoreo de asentamiento de las estructuras a través de celdas de asentamiento H-Level y clinómetros. En terreno, los asentamientos y movimientos horizontales del terreno se evaluarás a través de sondas inclinométrica IPI y sondas […]

Grand Paris Express

The Grand Paris Express is the largest urban project in Europe with the construction of 200 km of automatic lines, as much as the current metro, and 68 stations. The four new lines of the Grand Paris Express (15, 16, 17 and 18), as well as the line 14 extended to the north and south, […]

Warsaw Metro Project – Line 2

The 6.5 km east-west route links Rondo Daszyńskiego and Dworzec Wileński includes seven stations and an 870 m tunnel under the Wisła River. The civil works began late in 2010 and became operative in March 2015. In 2016 the works for the extension toward east and west of the second line started, estimated schedule of […]

Ojo de Agua Hydroelectric project

The Ojo de Agua hydropower project is located close to the village El Carbon in the community of San Esteban (Olancho) in the north east of Honduras. The project will generate 109 GWh/year with an installed capacity of 22.5 MW, a discharge of 6.0 m³/s and a gross head of 418 m.The project consists of […]

Urban Tunnelling: Hakata station of the Fukuoka city subway – Japan

For the tunnel excavation of the Hakata station of the Fukuoka city subway in Japan partial excavation was carried out. A road with heavy traffic and different structures , as subground car park, gas pipelines, important sewers, are situated above the tunnel construction. Taking into account constraints as shallow overburden and unconsolidated ground above the […]

Extensómetros DEX y extensó-inclinómetros DEX-S

Códigos de referencia de los productos: DEX, DEX-S Los extensómetros fijos se usan en conjunto con un tubo inclinometrico en ABS para la medicion de los cedimentos. El sistema fijo DEX está diseñado para permanecer dentro del tubo inclinometrico y permitir el monitoreo automático o continuo. Las cadenas de sensores de extensómetro in situ se […]

Inclinómetros Fijos MEMS

Códigos de referencia de los productos: S411HA, S412HA, S411HD, S412HD Los sensores del inclinómetro fijo (IPI), están diseñados para el monitoreo automático de puntos críticos. Articulados juntos y suspendidos dentro de la tuberia donde se puede producir la deformación, una cadena de sensores IPI permite monitorizar el perfil continuo de la tuberia inclinonemtrica. Disponibles tanto […]

Inclinometros fijos horizontales

Códigos de referencia de los productos: S441 La cadena IPI horizontal está compuesta por sondas IPI con varillas de extensión de fibra de carbon y unas ruedas terminales de montaje. Una cadena de horizontal IPI se suele instalar en el interior de la tuberia inclinómetrica enterrada dentro de zanjas, fundaciones o perforaciones horizontales para el […]