Portable readouts are always needed during installation procedures to check instruments before and after installation. For monitoring systems, where no automatic measurements are requested, readout units are used also to take regular readings and to check the measurement system..
A good monitoring system includes not only instruments, cables, and readers, but also reliable accessories, such as junction boxes, terminal blocks, surge protectors, and splice kits.

The CRD-400 readout unit is a single-channel, multipurpose device capable of reading a wide range of geotechnical and structural sensors (not just those manufactured by Sisgeo). The user-friendly interface guides the operator through the measurement procedures in a few simple steps.

The MIND readout is a portable device capable of reading and storing data from any Sisgeo sensor with analog or digital output. MIND is operated through the MIND app that can guide the operator during all phases of measurement. It is also able to plot the data of the sensor connected to it in real time. Thanks to the automatic detection of analogue sensors via QR-Code, the calculation of measurements with third- or fourth-degree polynomial will be done automatically.

Sisgeo can supply a large range of installation and reading accessories:

  • Switch terminal boxes and measuring boxes for multiple manual reading with portable readouts;
  • Junction boxes to connect two or more instrument cable to one multicore cable;
  • Overvoltage protection junction boxes with 3-level protection board;
  • Flying connector to be installed on instrument cable at factory for direct reading with portable readout;
  • Waterproof splicing kit for cable extension or repair.

The quality of a monitoring system depends from the quality of all system parts: instruments, cable, accessories and readout/datalogger. A low-quality monitoring system means low safety and so higher possibility of not-detected risk or accident.