Experience and Innovation

SISGEO was founded in 1993 inheriting the abilities of “SIS Geotecnica”, leading company in Italy in the geotechnical field. Over the years, SISGEO has distinguished itself among the international excellences thanks to a tight and highly motivated working group, who devoted itself with passion and creativity to design and manufacture high quality instruments to meet the broader needs in the field of civil engineering. Experience is the solid foundation from which we start every day to develop our products and services with a constant focus on continuous innovation and attention to the sector’s future needs. Over the years, SISGEO has become a recognized brand for quality, reliability and innovation.

SISGEO is based in Masate, in the industrial area located eastern of Milan. A three floors building of more than 2.000 sq.m, with offices, laboratories, manufacturing department, warehouse, and a building entirely dedicated to the production of fibre glass extensometers and over 500 sq.m of external surface. Italy is the heart of our business and at the same time a legacy of history, creativity, style and passion that we are proud to bring to the world with our products and services, through a network of international consultants with proven skills.


We trace the future

"Tracciamo soluzioni" (delivering solutions) is how we introduce ourselves because this is what we do. In order to do that in the best way, we give prominence to people. Acquiring skills and following ideas of those who work with us, listening and shape ourselves on our customers’ needs, imagine a safe progress and dream of a world welcoming to all: this is the horizon towards which we trace our route.

Plan, design, build are our ways to improve and simplify the work of our customers. We believe that the interaction between customers and operators is essential to feed our experience and stimulate our creativity.

We listen to the earth with our instruments and we respect it with our manufacturing processes designed to reduce any environmental impact.

Tecnologie e attrezzature
Cuore produttivo

Technologies and facilities

Research and development are hallmarks of SISGEO. A continuous commitment that is reflected both in the design of new and innovative products and in the optimization of equipment to be used in the production process, in order to keep always keep the instrument line technologically up to date and make it always more comprehensive, flexible and competitive.

Following its steady growth in sales volumes, SISGEO, even thanks to innovative automated solutions, has optimized the efficiency of production processes and logistic dynamics. This all to ensure the highest standards of products and services.

SISGEO has, in its wide range of products, both vibrating wire instruments and instruments that employ industrial sensors of the most different technologies, such as MEMS sensors which we have tailored and engineered into geotechnical and structural field applications.


Productive heart

SISGEO utilizes, in its production department and laboratory, a lot of quality equipment including:

  • + assembly benches for the production of vibrating wire sensors;
  • + automated benches to calibrate inclinometers, transducers, linear displacement and pressure transducers;
  • + climate chambers for the characterization of sensors / instruments in temperature;
  • + TIG welding;
  • + under vacuum filling and saturation system of hydraulic cells;
  • + system for the in line assembling of multipoint borehole extensometers up to 60m length;
  • + hydraulic press up to 3000 KN;
  • + pressure vessels for leakage and waterproof tests;
  • + chambers equipped for sealing with epoxy resins.

The calibration benches are electronically controlled to automatically generate calibration reports.

Qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, hardware specialists and software programmers make up the internal team that follows the research and production areas.