Signal and multicore cables are one of the key factors in a good monitoring system: they must transmit the instrument signal to the readout or datalogger without noises, signal loss or unexpected interruptions. All Sisgeo cables are designed for specific applications and can be embedded in concrete or buried in the ground.

Sisgeo cable are available in LSZH (low Smoke Zero Halogen) model or with PVC jackets.

LSZH cables can be installed in project like tunnels or buildings that require low-emission specification in case of fire.

LSZH Instrument and multicore cables are mainly composed by:

  • Tinned copper conductors;
  • Polyolefin conductor sheets, one for each conductor;
  • Aluminum tape overall screen;
  • Flame retardant polyolefin inner jacket for cable waterproofing;
  • LSZH M1 techno-polymer outer jacket for mechanical protection.

Cables, depending from the model, can also have venting tube, Kevlar stress member or steel armouring.