A natural inclination for continuous improvement

Our consistent R&D efforts are one of our distinctive features. Our commitment to continuous improvement translates into new and innovative products designed to complement customers’ instruments range making it more comprehensive, flexible, and competitive.


  • High quality standard and continuous update/upgrade of products and services
  • Efficient and optimized production and logistic processes
  • Cutting-edge technologies applied to our production processes
  • Continuous development of new products
  • In-house team made of engineers, technicians, hardware specialists and software designers
  • Ability to master different technologies such as VW and MEMS sensors


Constantly renewing our production

  • Test benches for the production of VW strain gauges
  • Automated benches for calibrating inclinometers, linear displacement transducers and pressure transducers. Calibration benches are periodically checked to ensure their compliance with the metrological measurement chain and they have been designed to automatically issue Calibration Reports.
  • Climate chambers for temperature-programmed characterization of sensors/instruments
  • Laser welding machine
  • Hydraulic cells vacuum filling and saturation system
  • In-line assembly system for multi-point extensometers up to 60m ( length )
  • Automated hydraulic press
  • Autoclaves for waterproofing IP68 Tests
  • Chamber for epoxy resins sealing