Strain Gauges

Vibrating wire strain gauges are widely used in structural and geotechnical monitoring to measure the strains and deformation of various components of a structure.

Vibrating wire strain gauges offer several advantages, one of the most important being their durability. Due to the vibrating wire technology, VW strain gauges are robust and durable, which makes them suitable for long-term monitoring.

The most common applications of VW strain gauges are tunnel excavation, pile load tests, foundations, structural parts of bridges and buildings, and concrete dams.

VW strain gauges are available in several models.

Embedment VW strain gauges are usually installed in concrete structures for strain monitoring

Embedment VW strain gauges for deep applications are usually used in deep piles or other applications requiring high concrete cover.

Arc-weldable VW strain gauges have a pair of weldable blocks for installation on metal surfaces.

Concrete surface strain gauges can be installed on concrete surface with two special anchor blocks

Shotcrete VW strain gauges have a long measuring range (10000 microstrain) for use in shotcrete application

Spot-weldable strain gauges are small VW strain gauges designed for quick and easy installation on metal structure using a simple spot-welder.

All vibrating wire strain gauges, like all other Sisgeo VW instruments, have a built-in thermistor for temperature monitoring and, if necessary, temperature compensation.